Thursday, 14 June 2012

Reply to Cory's comments for 11 June Article :-)

Dear Cory,

You've done a great job, picking up the pertinent points. The only thing that I'd add to your comments would be that when Nick hits a ball in the rear court, that is at knee height or higher, he still returns that ball to the rear court, although with a flatter trajectory.

As a coach, my approach is to challenge my students to become as independent as possible. And this means getting players to observe, analyze and then gradually incorporate what they're learning into their own game, where and when appropriate.

So now that you've made your initial observations, and they were correct, the next steps are to analyze:

1. What does Nick accomplish with his rear court tactics?

2. How does this coalesce with his attacking tactics?

Please note though, that to answer the second question, it's important to go onwards and make observations about Nick's mid court, and fore court tactics. 

I'm currently looking at a couple of other, longer videos of Nick that will be better for looking at his mid to fore court tactics. I'll be adding a new article to the blog in a couple of days with a link to the next video, with further discussion, and questions ;-)

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